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Please comment~ And if you're gonna use my art in a video or something, please give me credit~


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Legend by Shadow1601
Stuffed Toy Puppy Husky by Shadow1601
Reaper Raven by Shadow1601
Just if you want a colored in picture. This does NOT include background.  
Scenery and Animals
Sunset by Shadow1601
German Shepherd by Shadow1601
Fluffy And Pink by Shadow1601
Night At The Beach by Shadow1601
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I don't have to do X Readers. The Minecraft picture is actually a series I'm writing.
DA ID -Gray/Shade by Shadow1601
Shade's of Gray by Shadow1601
Red by Shadow1601
OC's or other characters, I will draw. It will give me a challenge and I'll gladly accept. Again, I'll draw it traditional or digital. The price already includes coloring. 
Zekrom VS Reshiram by Shadow1601
I can sketch anything. It doesn't matter if it's traditional or digital. 


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Don't Take My Mask Off... by Shadow1601
Don't Take My Mask Off...
Whaaaaaa? Who is this you may ask? Is this a picture of a cat? Or is it a picture of someone wearing a cat mask...? It has to be someone wearing a cat mask due to the title... But who would wear cat contacts with the mask... Unless if there was some kind of monster under there... 

Ha ha! You get to decide on your own! I already know who this person is, but can you guess? Nope, not any character you know, guess again! He's one of my OC's I'm introducing you to in 2017! 

Name: ???
Height: 6'5 ft. 
Weight: 175 lbs. 
Gender: Male
Diet style: Carnivore?
I need a new kitty mascot for my page. Chose a name!
2 deviants said Mabel
1 deviant said Rosebud (A.K.A. Puffball)
1 deviant said Bob
No deviants said Odis
No deviants said Garfield
No deviants said Skippy
No deviants said Bingo

there! I’m Spicy Doughnut and this is my story! It all began
when I was just a kitten and I was with my mommy when some very large
giants came over and took me away from her. I didn’t like them
so I struggle, using my little sharp claws to scratch the person,
however, they were wearing some kind of protection on their hands.
They put me in this large prison like thing along with my two other
brothers. I was the runt of the litter and we all still had our blue
eyes at the time, so it really hurt when we were taken away from our

giant prison thing started to shift around and we became scared.
There was this larger metal monster that roared when the human giants
placed us in and managed to awaken it. We were being taken farther
and farther away from mommy until the metal monster stopped and the
human giants picked up the prison with us in it. It was dark out and
they opened the prison out in a giant field. They shook us out and we
all parted out in the tall grass. IT was very scary with all the
creatures that fly out in the night and the dogs howling in packs. I
tucked my tale between my little legs and started to walk around in
the scary dark. I meowed a few times, calling for my brothers, but
they were nowhere to be seen. I just then hunched down and meowed and
meowed until the sun rose up into the sky. I then heard rustling in
the bushes. I backed up and out came this orange chubby boy cat.

lost?” He replied by sniffing me.

people took me away from home… I miss my brothers and my
mommy…” I meowed back.

people, huh? Well… we’ll see about that. You see, once I
was like you. Someone had hated me, booted me out, then I found this
really nice pair of human giants. They took me under their wing and
treated me like family. I was really surprised when I saw other
residents, like this giant white fluffy dog. She’s actually
really nice, but I like to show who’s boss. Would you like to
come and meet them?” He meowed.

Will they feed me? I’m a little hungry…”

course! How do you think I became Mr. Large. That’s not my name
though.  My name is Louie. Have a name?”

I looked away.

alright. They’ll give you one.” He replied and started to
walk back home.

didn’t want to be left behind, so I followed him. Once we got
out of the forest of grass, It was pretty clear from there. All I had
to do left was walk up the giant steps and there was this one window.
Louie lied down at the edge of the porch and I looked to the giant
window. There was commotion inside, but no one came to the door.
“Somebody?” I mewed. No one came. I kept on asking until
a sleepy giant girl came to the door and looked at me. Her eyes widen
and she walked away from the door and all the commotion stopped. It
went dead silence. Until the door opened and I got scared and ran to
Louie. The humans slowly chased me up the hill and I hid in a bush.
Then Louie lied next to the bush and looked at me, then back at the
humans. The humans petted him and I started to ask them to go away,
but they didn’t. Instead they tried speaking back, but it
didn’t sound right. Soon a human boy was looking at me and put
down a bowl of something white… Oh! It’s milk! I can see
Louie licking it! I walked out and started to drink it with hum to
the boy picked me up and started to carry me back to their home. I
scratched him bad, but he didn’t seem like he’d let go
anytime soon. They brought me in and started to take care of me.

that point on, I like them. I liked how the girl carried me around
like a princess and treated me like one. I liked how they fed me
special food called treats. I liked how they let me play around with
all the toys and their feet. I liked how they’d give me a kitty
massage. Then, one day, Louie got sick. They took him to the vet and
that was the last time I ever saw him. The two female humans seemed
pretty upset for a few days.

was a little over a few months after I never saw Louie anymore, that
I got ill. The humans took care of me and then they took me to the
vet. I was apparently diagnosed with the same thing that Louie had.
Feline Leukemia. I saw the water start falling from my humans eyes
and I knew I wouldn’t make it.

I’m with Louie, running with him in the fields of mice and
where the food bowl never gets empty.

Spicy's Story
Oh gosh... I died writing this story. I can't stop crying now. It was so painful watching her like that. I'm even crying now. It reminded me like Louie. I wish people would just get their cats fixed so I don't have to suffer through this again with the feline leukemia going around. Two cats in a row. Two cats. I'm sorry, I'll go to bed now... 

RIP Spicy. Emote - RS with White Flower 

Sorry if there's any typos, but I'm not going to go over this. I'll just get more depressed than I already am. I probably won't be on or maybe I will. I don't really know. 
Today is the day I go to camp for a week. I won't be back until the 16th. :meow: 
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Nothing
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Today is the day I go to camp for a week. I won't be back until the 16th. :meow: 
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


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I need a new kitty mascot for my page. Chose a name! 

2 deviants said Mabel
1 deviant said Rosebud (A.K.A. Puffball)
1 deviant said Bob
No deviants said Odis
No deviants said Garfield
No deviants said Skippy
No deviants said Bingo


Meow, meow :meow:
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